Monday, February 11, 2008

Immigration & Housing by Dan Ross

As a resident here in the states since age 4 (now 28 years) I find that most Americans don't really understand citizenship, how it impacts the U.S. economy and what the pros/cons are of the U.S. vs. other industrialized, "modern" societies.

This article illustrates how immigration has impacted housing in the last 5 years.

Key Points:
1) More population = need for more roofs over heads
2) More purchasing of base level homes = appreciation and then everyone "upgrades" as they can afford more home.
3) Organic population growth or immigration growth are the two ways to grow a population and most modern societies are populating at < 2 adults per person, meaning that their populations are actually shrinking. Japan is the worst with European nations behind them. What saves the U.S. population growth is immigration and organic, hispanic population growth as this demographic tends to have larger families, on average, than other U.S. Households

Dan Ross


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