Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buying an LCD TV? Features to Look for

Are you purchasing an LCD TV in the near future? Doing your part to support our economy by purchasing a TV that you probably don't need anyway? LOL

I've been looking for 32" LCDs for the bedroom to fit in a cabinet and I don't see myself buying one in the near future due to tons of other priorities but here is what I found is the most important, based on articles read, conversations with knowledgable people, etc.

Please note, the features below get more important the larger the TV. More screen size = more ability to notice and gain the benefits of new technologies.

Some features to consider....

1) 120Ghz refresh rate - minimizes bluriness / "ghost" effects when watching sports or action movies. HUGE thing to look for

2) 4 millisecond delay - primarily sharp TVs have this. This helps refresh the screen more often as well

3) Contrast Ratio - try and look at 3 LCD TVs next to each other with the same size and various contrast ratios/refresh rates and you WILL notice the difference. Bottom end TVs are 600 - 800: 1 ratios, then 1200:1 ratios and then 1600:1 plus. Higher end TVs have 6400:1 ratios and above but, for the naked eye this will do the job plenty good for most people. Contrast ratios means darker darks/brighter colors typically....


Dan Ross

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