Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BLSW (Bridgeline Software) does another small acquisition

Not sure but I think it might be their fourth of the year. Steady as the company goes.....At some point my opinion is they need to merge or buy a bigger company. Too many $$$ go out each year vs. generated for the shareholders. They need to be bigger quickly to generate any meaningful shareholder returns.

A view of their fundamentals and growth

Their growth plan/investor presentation


Miles said...

They seem to be getting to a critical mass to where they can make the larger acquisitions. They seem to be picking up good momentum and keeping the P&L on the right track. My bet is its just a matter of time. said...

The problem is that, in order to get recognized, sales have to be greater than $100 million. Yes, the company is undervalued but I think they need to be bigger before they get some recognition.