Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Retail to the Rescue?

Retail to the rescue?

I wouldn't believe this opinion for a split second. Markets don't go straight down. They go down down further than they rebound. They go down more than up due to information being slow to come out. Markets don't go straight down because people see signs of a positive rebound and get greedy.

Well, I am playing the trend and this trend is down.

The economy has weakened, consumers and businesses aren't spending (remember, they are trying to PAY BACK their debts from previous years) and besides, the free credit of yesteryears is no longer available. I think 4-5% in some guaranteed investment works for me. Heck, I think the best investment is people investing in themselves to develop some new skills that enable them to add value in their organization or on their own. That way, if anything happens, people have something to fall back on or perhaps a new career path.

Dan Ross

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