Saturday, August 30, 2008

American Car Companies Look to Uncle Sam for $50 billion in loans

1) They don't build quality cars - I think they are building better ones now but that is the it or not

A new recall of 850k cars. So much for that I guess.....

2) They haven't gotten the FOGGIEST CLUE how to brand a company. What does a GM or Ford Car stand for? Do you have any idea? Honda makes great engines, Toyota builds a great overall quality car that will last a long time, Nissan has power bang for the buck & some sexiness. Each of these companies also own a luxury brand like Acura, Lexus or Infiniti so their main brand only has so many luxury touches....

Anyway, here are some interesting articles.

Delphi's bankruptcy is going to cause big, big pension problems by the end of September. Expect GM to be in on that news.....

Then They are asking for tons more $$$ because they can only sell gas guzzling cars and failed to innovate or brand a car company.

I understand how important this industry is to the U.S. infrastructure, ability to have an industrial presence (in case of war)......but what I see are politicians/free enterprise/trade allowing cheaper cars into this country in DROVES. We shouldn't enable the destruction of an industry with one hand and then try and save them (without any hope) with the other hand. Just seems rational to me. The bottom line is that there are more health care costs in a GM car than STEEL costs! U.S. auto manufacturers, if they produce here, are at a competitive disdadvantage without some forms of tariffs. And then this starts the whole free enterprise/trade dilemna.....YIKES!

Dan Ross

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