Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Cap Returns in August


"Small-cap stocks in China posted double-digit losses on average during August, while small caps in India were virtually unchanged in the month through Aug. 25, according to a Press Trust of India report that cited data from Citigroup Global. For the region as a whole, 80% of all Asian stocks posted negative returns, with a median loss of 8.1%."

I'll follow that up by saying I found MANY, MANY chinese stocks that were down 40%-60%. I have noticed quite a few chinese small cap stocks that were posting 100% - 200% growth rates (some organic growth....others through acquisition) slowing their growth rates to 10%-30%. As consolidation in their economy & overall economy are slowing many investors are growing wary of chinese small cap stocks.

I still think there are a TON of good stocks to be found and then traded from time to time. Some should be held for the long-term. I'll be posting a listing of some of interesting finds I have come across in the next few weeks.

Dan Ross

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