Thursday, January 8, 2009

Future of movie theater experience?

Cinemark Theatres, one of the innovators of multiplex stadium type theatres, is testing a new concession and ticketing experience in their Plano Texas location (right next to their corporate HQ building).

Basically the concession experience is more of a "help yourself" approach to candy and drinks, at the end of the line, and the popcorn, at the front of the line, is clearly like a giant "cattle call" where herds of folks are moved through one long, hopefully fast moving line.

I endured the training glitches the first weekend they launched it and it was a disaster (butter problems with popcorn) but, as they fixed the bugs and agreed to layer people's popcorn with butter as they moved through the "cattle chute" I've warmed up to it.

The company has a VERY large waiting area on the left side of the theatre. They cell ice cream, coffee, etc. but I have yet to see anyone utilize this nice seating area (great lighting/padded chairs, etc.)

Dan Ross

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