Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grocery prices / Inflation about to hit your wallet!

I posted some similar commentary on this topic 4/12/08. Well, here are some additional datappoints/articles backing up my thoughts.

If Grocery stores post FLAT results isn’t that really -9% to -10% growth as they are passing along higher costs to their customers? Inflation at the grocery store is up there and I think this is a topic that few are discussing. How much are Walmart’s numbers propped UP due to HIGHER prices that they must pass onto customers? Are there numbers as solid as everyone would like to think they are given their focus on supercenters/groceries, etc? I know Macy’s isn’t eggs and dairy products, up 20% + in the last 12 months.


Hope somebody will understand that $60 to fill up my gas tank every 4-5 days + higher grocery bills = less $$$ to spend eating out/shopping….


Interesting to think re: the company below...

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