Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Middle Class Feels Worse today then ever....

FYI, this is why the Republicans will lose the election, even if Clinton gets nominated......;_ylt=AmU8V7_UY7vMdyt3B3UrKv9v24cA

Interesting Tidbits from the Pew Research Report...

  • Nearly eight in 10 of all people, or 79 percent, said they believe it has become more difficult compared with five years ago for the middle class to maintain their standard of living, up from 65 percent in 1986.

  • Politically, 58 percent of middle-class Americans said they believed the GOP favors the rich, while nearly two-thirds say the Democratic Party favors the middle class (39 percent) or the poor (26 percent).

  • Middle-class prosperity overall also lagged compared with richer Americans. From 1983 to 2004, the median net worth of upper-income families — defined as households with annual incomes above 150 percent of the median — grew by 123 percent, while the median net worth of middle-income families rose by just 29 percent.

Dan Ross

FYI, another link with a gif file :);_ylt=Ate2l.YtVGKH25LkywU2NnVv24cA

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