Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones & Memorial Day Movie Ticket Sales

I love seeing spin by PR people and industry executives.

Just look at this comment below

"Fox senior vice president Bert Livingstone said high gas prices were encouraging people to see movies rather than take long trips away from home. "This is the last great bargain," Livingstone said. "

Then reality sits in.........
But movie receipts were about 16 percent smaller than last year's Memorial Day weekend, and revenue for the year to date is down nearly 4 percent at $3.3 billion, with attendance off nearly 7 percent.

I just got back from a trip to Port Aransas, Texas (coast of Tx), in between Padre and Galveston. Preliminary info. I heard was that the number of people on the beach was up notably vs. last year as many people thought Texans stayed in Texas vs. going to Florida :) Oh, and I drove with my adorable girlfriend as airfare prices were ridiculous. Net/net we saved about $350 from driving vs. flying but it cost us in terms of time spent on the road & one nights stay in San Marcos, to hit the outlet malls there :)

Dan Ross