Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interesting Wind Energy Articles

1) OGE

2) T Boone Pickens Tampa Project

3) China's 2007 Wind Energy Report

One thing never really discussed much, within those articles, is how important it is to have good transmission lines. When you produce the energy you then have to get it "onto the grid" where the power can be transmitted over long distances or you can use it locally, "off grid." Either way, you still need to get the energy to whatever resources are using the energy.

When transmitting energy cable matters. Different cables (much of it quite antiquated) have different power loss ratios due to thermal limits. Remember, we generate power, then transmit it, then distribute it (from substations where the power is lowered into levels used by consumers). The only reason I bring this up is because TRANSMISSION problems were a core problem involved in the California Energy Crisis. That and crooked energy traders/de-regulation.

You can retrofit existing towers with better cable. There is one company that has both wind turbines and claims to have a "smarter wire" and has a patent for it, increasing revenue and a recent injection of capital from CSFB but, in my opinion, it is highly speculative. The stock has a market cap of $200 million and is traded on the bulletin board as

As you can tell from the wind energy report lots of companies are trying to produce wind energy components & there is a pent up demand for it as well. There are operators ramping up throughout the world, trying to produce more and more energy from wind (as well as solar). I personally believe that the solar energy stocks have gotten ahead of themselves, in the short-term, but we'll see over time :)

Dan Ross

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