Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Investing 2008 & Beyond - Why I have been out...

The "lack of posting" for the last 1.5 weeks stems from my desire to get back into investing in a big way. I recently conducted an audit of my 401k account and was quite disappointed with the returns YTD vs. the markets, despite making a few trades within my reach that generated positive returns. Basically, two of my funds stunk it up for me and I underindexed at -6.8% vs. -5.6% for the S&P 500 during the time period measured.

Getting to the point.....

Moving forward you'll see the same old posts as before EXCEPT I'll be adding a bunch of my opinions re: the stock market, interesting trends, stocks I think are worth looking at, etc. All the standard disclosures will be ALL over the place as I am not an investment advisor. I was at one point, working as a research analyst (jr./sr.) for about 3 years after graduate school before growing very disenchanted with the sales mentality involved in the business. Only did I learn after the fact how disengenious the industry had become (banking/research relationships that were unbelievable.)

Two things to chew on today...
1) More wind energy moving forward.

2) A great chart showing Chinese coal consumption

Bottom Line: China has polluted their environment GALORE over the last 10-15 years. They are focused TREMENDOUSLY on eco-friendly power options moving forward. As they do this, and change their subsidies for power (less to coal) major changes are in-store and might present interesting opportunities in wind/solar energy alternatives. When China chooses to do something it truly SHIFTS the supply/demand dynamic in an industry and that can light a fire to any companies revenue/EPS/stock price!

Dan Ross

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