Friday, September 5, 2008

Bad Business / Best Business

The next few links have NOTHING to do with business and EVERYTHING to do with business.

1) I present a link to the home of Tiger Woods Maui Vacation Home. This guy will be the first BILLIONAIRE athlete, in my opinion. His endorsement deals are ENORMOUS

2) I then present indoor skiing in DUBAI, you know that country in the desert.......Just shows how you can do anything if you have enough black gold in the ground and don't really care how you invest those $$$. DUBAI will be a tale of great investments or HORRIBLE decision making in the next 30 years. We'll have to see how the place holds up as they run out of oil and try to make the country a tourism location and business hub for the Middle East.

3) World's largest pool in Chile. I am fascinated by this because in Chile you have a nation that has a booming economy and rapidly developing middle class. The economy is based on commodities such as oil, they have a fast growing wine export industry and have become a bit of a location in tourism of late. People go there for skiing during the Northern Hemisphere's summer and the resort below is nothing short of STAGGERING.

Dan Ross

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