Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oil and Gas Companies DOMINATE Fortune's Fastest Growing Companies

Sigma designs designs blu-ray chips. Intuitive Surgical.....from there TONS of energy companies, from drillers/developers to service companies, etc.

Texas obviously had the most listed in the top 100 due to the energy companies :)

Texas had 25, California had 18 and NY had 8. That is 51 total of the top 100 companies! Then, if you look at those state's populations it also helps to explain it :) NY is surprising to me given the high tax rate. CA obviously is Silicon Valley driven....

#1 company, Arena Resources, looks interesting re: analyst targets, fast growing, etc. Here is a chart. A weekly close above $46 would be considered bullish from a technical perspective. Highest analyst target is $80 and avg is $65 or so. It is about a $45 stock today.

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