Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vegas needs a new airport terminal ???

I've been hounding for awhile that Vegas traffic was really going to get hit during this economic downturn. Rooms are more expensive than ever, restaurants aren't cheap and it seems like it takes a miracle to find a blackjack table under $10 on the strip at times.

Anyway, from

"Las Vegas, a city built for visitors, is ground zero in the airline industry's effort to cut back on marginally profitable flights. But the city's powerful hoteliers are none too happy about the cutbacks. They still want the carriers to finance a new airport terminal, which is needed to support 32,000 additional hotel rooms slated to open by 2012. The timing is unfortunate. Traffic at McCarran International Airport fell 8.6% in July, compared with the same month a year earlier. In fact, traffic has fallen every month this year, except for February, which had the benefit of leap day in 2008. And the airlines aren't finished cutting. "

Oddly enough, I was talking last night with my mother re: her pending trip and she had indicated that Southwest Airlines was cutting one flight (out of two daily) that fly direct to Vegas from where she lives....

Dan Ross

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