Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Personal Responsibility for Health/Behaviors?

So we tax unhealthy behaviors/products like booze, tobacco and allow socially irresponsible eating like this to go untaxed? We say we live in a "free society" and that the "market forces" will determine if this business succeeds or fails per capitalism's rules.

I get personal responsibility & free will but this is one socially irresponsible business I wouldn't mind seeing going out of business. I would have ZERO problems with the IRS saying tax any food/meal combo with calories > 3000 calories (150% higher than daily allowance, let alone a meal.....) Am I getting liberal in my thoughts? YIKES!

With the economy slowing down are FAST food sales going up and thereby contributing to long-term health problems? People are looking for CHEAP food but the problem is that most of the cheap options are high in fat and very unhealthy. So are you taking on short-term cost savings that might be hurting your long-term health of your wallet? Something to chew on :)

Dan Ross

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