Monday, December 8, 2008

Roubini says Auto Debt/Equity holders to get wiped out...

He is basically saying the auto guys (shareholders/debtholders) are toast. I'd back his position because I agree with it.

There is simply significantly too much capacity and not enough demand. The auto companies would burn through $35 billion in NO TIME at all given the 35% Y-Y decline in auto sales. They need to shut down factories, DRASTICALLY reduce costs and eliminate brands/models that simply don't sell enough units to generate profits.

"Loss Leaders" for one model is one thing but an ENTIRE brand is another. I don't understand what most U.S. auto companies brands actually stand for in the first place! Chevy is value, Cadillac is supposed to be luxury (VERY expensive domestic luxury auto company).....what does Chrysler, buick, dodge, GMC (professional built?), Lincoln and Mercury Mean?

This is another reason for my "eternal pessimism" re: the markets of late....

Dan Ross

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