Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CPTC.OB update

First they trim out expenses in their DeWind Energy Unit by using TECO Westinghouse (North of Austin I believe) to manufacture their products.

This was announced monday a.m.

They then headed off to an RBC Energy Conference and did this presentation, which can be downloaded from their website.

Today/Tomorrow I believe they are at the Wind Energy Conference in Houston Texas

Volume was 2.4 million today but I haven't see any breakout in the stock price. I bought $1000 more at $1.09 after selling some ABAT that I didn't think was going to move up in the short-term.

Dan Ross


Ray said...

I bought some cptc.ob a couple of weeks ago. It's looking more promising the past couple of days. I also live in Frisco.

BetterBizIdeas.com said...

Well Ray, as my follow up post showed I just don't have faith in this company to actually generate enough Dewind Sales to turn a profit.

The stock has ZERO momentum. They announce their 2Q results, get new orders and the stock didn't BUDGE upwards. I think the losses from their DeWind unit are too large, at this point, for the stock to ever get going. I think they'll always be a perimiter player in the space and they'll end up losing their shirt on the business. There are better stocks to be found my friend.