Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CPTC.OB update

So basically there has been no information but there have been TONS of various energy reports saying 2009 will be the year of wind energy & such stocks. Jim Cramer said on Mad Money that he will highlight wind stocks likely on his Thursday show....

With the company trading at roughly $200 million today (despite being a $1 stock) I think the stock values the ACCC wire part of the business fairly. The wind turbine side of the business currently weighs down the P&L and, if they can get the CS cash infusion they can get big orders from wind farms that would require such capitalization per many banks underwriting rules.
The stock has ticked up nicely but not on huge volume. I would ideally like to see a $1 billion capitalization or a $5 stock on this thing.....But it will take CS + some turbine orders to get this stock rocking and rolling. Still a story stock for the time being, in my opinion....

Thats all for now.

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