Monday, June 2, 2008

HUGE returns in Micro/Small Caps - Great Article

One resource I highly utilize quite a bit, as it is really good, is:

When I go there I look at:

1) Growth Rates - EPS and Revenue. I want 50% + and valuations in the 20%-30% + area
2) I look at the basic statistics (profile info) to find out the market cap, shares outstanding, etc. in case I need to determine P/S ratios or PEG ratios based on future earnings
3) I use a stock screener to look for certain criteria. This is GREAT when trying to find FAST growing small cap stocks that are undervalued.

The below article highlights some of the amazing small cap returns that have been found in the last 10 years. Are you trying to find the next hidden gem?

Anyway, I hope everyone finds the links interesting

Dan Ross

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