Thursday, June 26, 2008

Interesting Facts I learned today

From Louis Navallier.....

  • Americans drove 4.5 billion fewer miles in April compared with April 2007. This was the fewest number of miles driven in five years!

  • Americans are planning their spending much more carefully, such as making a single trip to Costco or Wal-Mart to fill the SUV with cheaper gas and deeply discounted items. Alot of folks I know don't drive their car now on the weekends unless they have multiple errands to run to minimize their gas usage.

  • The Dow finished down 358 points today to close at 11,453. It was the poorest monthly performance for the index since September 2002 and the worst June since 1962. Both corn and soybeans also jumped to record highs.

  • GM was downgraded by Goldman Sachs today and the shares just hit their lowest price since 1955! By contrast, the Dow is up by 25-fold since then even with today's setback.

From The US Department of Energy:

Nuclear power costs 1.72 cents per kilowatt-hour (including operations and maintenance costs). Now compare that to:
Coal at 2.37 cents per kilowatt-hour;
Natural gas at 6.75 cents per kilowatt-hour; and
Oil at 9.63 cents per kilowatt-hour

But how does that compare to solar or wind power? I' ll have to get back to you....I'll update this post in a few weeks and change the date posted accordingly.


Here are two easy ways to play the trend by buying shares of these two exchange traded funds:
Market Vectors-Nuclear Energy ETF (AMEX:NLR)-This fund is down off of its uranium based highs in 2007. But with uranium prices now projected to go as high as $90 a pound this heavily materials weighted EFT is rising.

PowerShares Global Nuclear Energy (NYSE:PKN) - A relative new fund, PKN allocates 47% to industrials, 24% utilities, 15% to mining along with an almost 10% weight to technology. That makes this less susceptible to uranium prices than NLR, which devotes 33% of its holdings to mining.

Dan Ross

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