Thursday, October 16, 2008

Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) Announces New Contract

Advanced Battery Technologies Announces New Contract

What is interesting here is that you have a $45 million company (2Q'07-2q'08 revenue) that just signed a contract for $27 million and the stock only moved up 8%? That just shows how beaten down investors are right now. I hope to buy some shares at current levels over the next few months. I think, in the long-term, they'll pay off handsomely, as Lithium Ion Batteries become more popular in vehicles.

One interesting sidebar is A123 Power, which was to go public late in the summer/this past fall. The private company never got their IPO done and it should be interesting to see what kind of buzz there is with oil coming down and gas prices coming down. Those folks were working with GM and their Chevy Volt batteries for cars.

ABAT does LI-ION batteries for electric bicycles, scooters, Buses and, in the future, cars......The technology still has a way to go but I like a company that actually makes $$$ in a business where too many competitors lose $$$ by buying marketshare (low margin sellers) or overinvest in overhead WAY too early in the game. Based in China, where most manufacturing happens, this is an interesting company to watch over the next few years.

Dan Ross

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