Sunday, October 19, 2008

Financial Futures - How Americans feel about their finances today

I am VERY quickly becoming a HUGE fan of this public television station.

Good programming, relevant info., etc.

The below video is HIGHLY relevant given the financial turbulence of the last year and, more specifically, the last two months.

I am particularly interested in groups 2 & 3 in the below video.

My Take:
Group 2 - If the father was an investment advisor why did he start a 529 only two years ago for his son's college education, ESPECIALLY given that his son must have shown some apptitude for math/science. Maybe they didn't know MIT is where he wanted to go but college SHOULD have been in their plans. Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? Post comments

Group 3 - Given that my folks and many of my friends parents are now retiring or are retired I hear their concerns quite a bit. The volatility is SCARING THE HECK out of them. Additionally, many fear the well being of subsequent generations.....

Dan Ross



I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates. said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am creating some original content right now for the BLOG and the Home Site. I hope to have a splash sometime in 2009 with new content GALORE. Key focus will be UNIQUE PERSPECTIVES and BUSINESS INSIGHTS for small and medium size business owners.