Friday, October 17, 2008 Article: Pakistan Asks for $10 Billion from IMF

Pakistan Asks for $10 Billion from IMF
The Pakistaini government will ask for $10 billion from the Internaitional Monetary Fund on Monday, CNBC has learned.

My take: So, given that these guys have nukes how would you feel if they declared bankruptcy and the whole country’s economy went to hell in a hand basket? Talk about a jihad nightmare! I think this is something DEFINITELY to consider when looking at each presidential candidate’s position on Pakistan. Sorry but Obama is VERY weak on that position…..

Conspiracy theory related thought. I find the timing of this to be VERY eerily close to the presidential elections, don’t you? I mean, they know that Bush has really given them A LOT of $$$ and who is likely to give them more $$$ over the next 5-10 years, McCain or Obama?

Dan Ross

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