Friday, November 14, 2008

Chinese Investing - Wind Power

So by now anyone reading this blog nows how bullish I am regarding the Chinese economy in the 21st century. I think their work ethic is 2nd to none, their economy is still in its infancy, there are TONS of geographic/trend plays still ripe for the picking and a middle class that is JUST NOW developing. I compare it to the U.S. in the 50s/60s but with the potential for wealth creation of the U.S. in the 80s as geographic expansion occurred.

If you are a growing economy you need more power. You get it from coal, nuclear, wind, solar, etc. Coal drives something like 70% of U.S. power. The Chinese have done this as well but their pollution controls haven't been as strong as ours. They have been focused TOO MUCH on low cost stuff up until now. With the growth of their manufacturing sector, their environment is in SHAMBLES.

So they are increasingly turning to solar power and wind power, which they hope to export to the rest of the world later one. One way to play the "green revolution" with a strong China focus is APWR (A-Power Energy). Something to look into....Due your DD.

The weekly trends still appear downward for now but the short-term charts are pretty flat. You can see from the MACD curves that there is potential for a HUGE breakout at some point. The 10 week moving average is still coming down but it is at $9.00. An 80% bounce could happen and then get SLAMMED by the market quickly. I think I'll keep on building my cash balances and put some $$$ to work with APWR early in 2009. Same goes for Gulf Resources, which is now consolidating but the weekly trends are still coming down. That stock appears further along in its consolidation pattern and next week should indicate a crash of the stock or a potential run as the stock is now trading RIGHT AT the 10 week moving average. It is Overbought on the daily charts but NOT on the weekly charts :) We'll see which trend is more powerful....

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