Friday, November 21, 2008

It is official - 2nd worst performance of S&P 500 in HISTORY

From yahoo Tech Ticker

Heading into Friday's session, in which an early rally effort quickly faded, the S&P was down 49% year-to-date and on track for its worst year ever. Down 43% year to date, the Dow is heading for its second worst year in history, the WSJ reports, trailing only the 53% decline in 1931.

Heading into Friday's session:

  • 115 S&P stocks were trading under $10
  • 41 were trading under $5
  • 204 were trading with a market cap of less than $4 billion

These are not the only criteria in the index, but S&P 500 companies typically have market caps above $4 billion and stock prices above $5. Furthermore, many institutional fund managers are prohibited from owning stocks that trade below $10 or $5, depending on the firm.

Dan Ross

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