Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recommendations for U.S. Politicians

I don't like it when people point out negatives / problems without trying to FIX anything so I am going to try and propose some solutions here to our economic problems.

I propose the governement tell companies getting financial assistance to STOP stupid spending as in.....

STOP AIG spending $25 million a year for their name on Manchester United's shirts.

STOP Citigroup spending $20 million for naming rights to the Mets new stadium.

Just STOP STUPID behavior. Look, I am NOT saying stop spending altogether or get "all up in their business."

Lets make sure this is 100% absolutely, positively clear. I think myself, like most Americans and people throughout the world, would simply like our government and business LEADERS to act RESPONSIBLY and don't ACT LIKE LEADERS. BE LEADERS.

In my opinion, that is what ticks off the average American working family. When they work hard each day to get educated, get a good job, send their kids to college, etc. and watch DUMB decisions made by guys making a BOATLOAD of $$$ (who get paid MILLIONS when they screw up and get golden parachutes) it really disenfranches people. It KILLS momentum and the American Spirit.

Then, to top it off, the U.S. citizen watches our elected politicians going to jail left and right for corruption, giving pardons to RICH THIEVES like Mark Richt, probably Koslowski (Bush in 50 days?), etc.

EVERY decision.....and I mean EVERY decision, needs to be done INTELLIGENTLY and rationally and be in our citizens bests interests. If we (government, U.S citizens and business) could spend 10% of our $$$ towards MORE INTELLIGENT actions that would give the economy a bigger boost over the LONG-TERM then lets do it. BE SMART. BE CALCULATED. BE LEADERS..

Dan Ross

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