Monday, November 10, 2008

Time - Everyone has the same amount....Key to maximum performance

Here are some time management tips for budding entrepreneurs and corporate workers as well.

I have been getting VERY serious about this due a few reasons:

1) I want to read more - I find my mind really gets "WIRED" differently when I am reading. My creative juices get going and I find myself thinking more "outside the box" while at work.

2) I want to lose weight - therefore I need to get cardio in.

3) I want to keep this Blog full of new, fresh content. It takes time to write articles / thoughts, cruise the net, create posts, etc

4) I am getting back into investing in a big way right now. I am actively, as everyone can tell, researching a TON of chinese small to mid cap stocks, energy plays, etc. I hope to make some nice $$$$ in 2009 by making some purchases in the first quarter. Until then I am waiting for the market to consolidate.

As my market update yesterday indicated, I think the market is heading lower so I am not in a rush to buy stocks right now.

Dan Ross

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