Friday, November 14, 2008

Citigroup (C) & Robert Roubin / Obama

So what is interesting here is this:

1) Roubin was an advisor/banker at Citigroup and Board Member. He is an an economic advisor to Barack Obama and possible Treasury Secretary. He had that role with Bill Clinton. Should a guy that clearly was asleep at the wheel re: risk management and enriched himself the entire time get such a role? I don't think so.....

2) Citigroup is really the reason that the banks got $25 billion each (Citigroup, Wells, JPM, Bank of America) in loans from Paulson via their "closed door" meeting that was highlighted in a 60 minutes video link I posted about a month ago. Ken Lewis of Bank of America is interviewed.

Citigroup is 60%-70% international. If they go under the "counter party" risks (ie. exposure of other worldwide banks/nations) would go THROUGH the roof and take down the entire global financial system.

If you look at their losses they have some of the highest amongst all banks in writedowns associated with mortgages - I am sure they will eventually be passed by Wachovia.

Additionally, look at their exposure to consumer credit. Henry Blodget estimated it at $500 billion in exposure. A 10% writeoff is $50 billion!

Just something to keep an eye on.

Dan Ross

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