Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Peter Schiff was RIGHT! I agree with him.....

History shows us, time and time again, that high debt loads and a troubled economy can lead to potentially RAMPANT forms of inflation. We've seen that happen in TONS of places in the last 20 years. If the U.S. dollar collapses it will begin to erode the standard of living in the U.S. like nothing that we have seen since the late 1970s. I believe inflation WILL happen but, in the interim, we have deflation occurring like never before seen (except in the 1930s). Even Nouriel Roubini's comments on http://rgemonitor.com/ support that view.

The real question is the TIMING of the dollar collapse. When will it happen? How soon? Will we be at 10% unemployment when ANOTHER "shoe drops?"

If and when it does collapse, where will oil prices go and will hybrid auto production be enough to come to the rescue for U.S. citizens? Unfortunately we don't eat oil because the price of groceries will also go up AGAIN, thereby pinching the American lifestyle. The standard of living for the average American citizen is at risk here folks and we need to start fixing problems INTELLIGENTLY quickly.

The final point I want to make, before everyone clicks on the video below, is that today's bailout of Citigroup, in my opinion, is VERY dangerous. We need to STOP THE STUPID behaviors that are getting us in trouble.

Dan Ross

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